Mäd Team: Sokthida.

Meet the team behind the brand, and learn more about the humans in the Human Centric Design Agency.

Mäd Team: Sokthida.

Mundane and Mäd are polar opposites to us. But, weekly work surely requires a degree of repetitiveness or habits shaped to maximize success- we decided to explore the routines of our team, to share our industry insights and introduce the colorful characters behind our work.

Today, we caught up with Sokthida Ong - Marketing and Communications Officer.

Introduce Yourself.

A wandering soul led by curiosity, I am naturally attracted to new ideas and inspirations. Whilst routine and repetition may provide security and a sense of control for most people, obscurity excites me. To me, the world is a playground in which we are free to explore and discover what is considered meaningful in our lives.

As a free-spirited person, I seek my life purpose through traveling because it allows me to experience things from different points of view through people, lifestyles, food, music, arts, and cultures. Since traveling is not always feasible, it is fortunate that my profession offers a great alternative to feed on my curiosity through the art of writing while creating a voice for brands.

Quick-Fire Questions.

Hobbies? Getting lost in nature, music, and photography.
Proud achievements? Having authored an e-storytelling series along with many other e-publications before the age of 20.
Favorite place? In between Paris and Kyoto*.
Favorite software? Ghost CMS.
Personality type? INFJ.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Chronokinesis.

*To clarify, Sokthida meant she loved both those places - not that her favourite place was Krasnoselkup, Russia which we have now learned is directly between them.

What motivates you?

I believe that a big part of our life motivation stems from who we are and how we determine our life purpose.

Some time ago, I read a book and got inspired by a Japanese concept called Ikigai, which translates to “a reason for being.” The philosophy behind this concept is about finding your life purpose to optimize your happiness and quality of life.

Your Ikigai does not have to be something major; it can be a simple motive that gives you a reason to wake up the next morning. For example, if an artist loves to produce music that can heal other people then their Ikigai is to heal people through their music. Whereas for some people, they find their Ikigai within their careers.

Once you have found your Ikigai, you should be able to find your life motivation and be happier.

Ikigai is a fascinating concept, and being able to harmonize different aspects of professional and personal development has always been key to our team development strategies. To build on this, we muse the idea of being able to apply aspects of the Ikigai concept to brands and businesses, not just leading to their 'happiness' but with successful growth and balance in mind.

And, we find it fits perfectly.

When creating a brand, all pieces are important. We look at what the team behind it can deliver effectively (what they're good at); what the world needs (the demand for a product or service); what can be monitized (and what the correct evaluation would be); and finally what positioning while motivate the team and customers (what they love, and what causes market excitement).  

If all boxes are ticked, a truly special brand will deliver great results.

How does Ikigai affect your thinking?

Indeed, Ikigai has reshaped the way I view and approach life. Prior to my encounter with Ikigai, I often found myself unconsciously battling between the four elemental spheres as defined in the Venn diagram. I struggled a lot between choosing between doing what I love, what I am good at, or what I can be paid for.

I used to think that it is unwise to follow your passion, especially when it does not pay the bills. Therefore, I completely ignored my passion and focused on doing what I am good at while getting paid for it. It went on like that for a while, and I had to admit that I was comfortable standing where I was, but the only problem was that I was not happy. I felt a sense of emptiness. I started to lose my life purpose and got stuck between choosing the right paths from there.

Ikigai made me realize the true essence of life, and I was able to pick myself up again. One should not have to live like a robot but to listen to their heart and find their Ikigai in order to lead a truly fulfilled and meaningful life.

Simon Simek has boomed to a culture thought leader due to the rise of Millennial, and Generation Z, strive for impact and value. Individuals now seek much more from their careers than previous generations, with opportunities much more available and exciting we find people more likely to change roles and careers without hesitancy.  

Career Transitioning with a Pivot Runway.
Arm yourself, for sensibly gauged increments, to pursue your passion with the financial safety net of a well thought out Pivot Runway

When you find your true calling, you don't dread Monday mornings, and you don't speed out the office as quickly on Friday afternoons either. Mäd looks beyond capabilities, as an important essence of our team culture is the desire and the want. We love what we do, and we do what we love.

What does your daily task list tend to look like?

Just like my fellow team members, my day usually starts with Bloo. Since we are always working on multiple tasks at a time, Bloo helps me prioritizing my work and managing my time efficiently.

My day-to-day generally involves a lot of writing and researching for our insights and case studies. Although content writing is my main focus, I would disagree that it is a repetitive task.

Since my work varies, it allows me to discover and learn new things every day. One day, I would find myself interviewing a team member on a project that they have been working on. Whilst another day, I am learning about new software and useful resources to share with our audience.

At Mäd, we believe in continuous learning so we always encourage our team to never stop learning. Having a growth mindset, our team seeks to improve themselves every day to reach higher goals.

Growth Mindsets.
Realigning our thinking to an accountable mindset can help us progress. When we accept that growth is achievable through our own efforts, we spur ourselves on to develop. The main hurdle may indeed be breaking away from a restrictive ‘Fixed Mindset’.

What’s your biggest achievement at Mäd, so far?

I have only recently joined Mäd so it is still early for me to answer this question. However, I find that being a part of this dynamic team is an achievement in itself.

Although your skills and qualities can get you any job you want, it does not necessarily guarantee that the company values will align with your own. It is important that the company you work for shares the same values as you do because team effort dictates a company success. Likewise, if you do not share the same vision and mission with the company, the work you do will eventually deter you from reaching your full growth potential.

Therefore, it is an initial achievement to be in the right team, and I look forward to my future achievements with Mäd.

How did you discover Mäd?

I learned about Mäd from a friend who is currently working in the office. Prior to joining, I had always been interested in working for a creative agency because of its fast-paced environment and varied tasks.

Since the marketing world is swiftly evolving, agility and adaptability to change are needed for survival in the field. After some research, I saw my potential growth with the agency and decided to reach out to see where I would fit in the team.

Our hiring process is extensive, as investing in people is both invaluable and expensive at the same time. We are committed to creating a great team, and providing the support and structure to succeed, but agency life isn't for everyone! This is why we have multiple steps of interviews and test briefs to ensure that we can help new employees, as much as they can help our business missions.

Interested in joining Mäd? Why not send an open application. Discover more information on our careers page.

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