Digital Advertising.

Getting your brand in front of the right people, at the right time, is a surefire enabler for success.

Digital Advertising.

The problem.

The problem for many start ups, and even the biggest players in the market, is that there is so much noise. As the internet increases the ease for marketing campaigns and offers up easily accessible building blocks to showcase your messaging to potential customers, the sheer volume of competition rises exponentially.

Now, more than ever it is more difficult to get your content seen on social media newsfeeds and search engine results. Beforehand you could take advantage of forums, affiliation with other websites/brands/publications, or even newsletter mailouts - but now, consumers are bombarded with choice, leading to many simply switching off from stale or overcrowded messaging.

The solution.

Fortunately, Cambodia's digital space is not as overcrowded in a particular area: Advertising.

By running digital campaigns globally, we're quickly able to see the expensive locations filled with competitors running similar advertising campaigns to our aims.  However, in Cambodia, there are a much smaller amount of tech savvy companies occupying the digital spaces.

We practise what we preach, ensuring our own advertising knowledge is constantly tested and updated.

This means that advertising is cheaper and more effective than it is in other locations. It also means that there's a huge chance that most of your competitors haven't yet evolved to take advantage of these opportunities.

What we offer.

Primarily, we break down our initial digital advertising efforts into two channels.


Our team has a Google Ads verified expert available to craft intelligent campaigns to ensure your website, app, media, business information, or social pages are given full exposure when it matters.

All campaigns are accompanied by fully transparent reporting, allowing you to monitor progress in real time.

The benefit to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that we're able to target specific demographics, and only incur charges when our adverts are successful: This is know as Pay Per Click (PPC). If your advert isn't clicked, you don't pay - ideal, right?

Why Google Search Ads are core to digital campaigns.
Potential customers are trying to make purchases. Are you accessible enough for them? Google Search Ads is a fantastic, immediate, solution to put your business in front of relevant demographics - and the cost could be less than you think.

We can powerfully steer your adverts towards behavioural patterns, prospective customer profiles, and even technology used.  For example, we can target Android phone users with university education, that read a certain online newspaper, over the age of 25, that have recently bought luxury items online. The ability to highly refine your target market, means your adverts can only show to valuable prospects, which optimises your budget and efficiency.  

Google Ads isn't limited to simple search result advertising, as we can also create powerful visuals that appear across the display network and even on popular platforms like Youtube.  Think about how much time people spend on their mobile phones, watching content, playing games, using messaging platforms, finding information, and more... advertising possibilities exist within almost every function of a typical smart-phone.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a modern day must, and advertising rapidly fuels success.

Simply put, social media platforms have created complex algorithms that encourage brands to pay per view/click. If you want your brand, and your messages, to be seen on mass or by the right people quickly, advertising will get you to your goals fastest.

Why? Because great organic content is a challenge - building communities takes time. Investing in intelligent adverts speeds this process up, and most social media channels have highly expansive options for defining your perfect target market. For example, in a recent Ad campaign for a client, we targeted Android phone users aged 18-31 living in a particular part of the city, with the tendency to eat out at restaurants regularly.

Social Media Strategy.
Mäd focus our energies into bespoke social media strategies based on a solid understanding of our client and their field.

We work across the popular social media platforms, where your audience gather daily for large amounts of time, to capture their attention with messaging they'll actively want to engage with.

Additional Thoughts.

SEM and SMM efforts work best when there are strong assets behind campaigns. As digital experts, Mäd can help create and optimise various assets to help your brand maximise publicity and interaction.

For example, high quality advertising can send users direct to your website, or to the app store - but, if your website or application (even the application description on the store!) doesn't match the customer expectations of quality, then you may not get the conversions needed.

We can guarantee the traffic, but we also want to help make that traffic valuable by consulting you on industry best practises throughout our campaigns.

We succeed when you succeed, let's form a partnership, and help evolve your digital marketing to great heights.