Market Research.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Benjamin Franklin (allegedly)

Market Research.

At Mäd, we value informed decision making and offer a market research service to solidify the foundation of any project.

Understanding the market is incredibly advantageous. Undertaking market research will vastly improve decision making and is the starting block for any well executed strategy. Quite simply, it allows a business to understand the value of their product or service in alignment with potential customers and competitors. Whilst we advocate primary market research as fundamental, secondary market research offers a wealth of extra useable data.

Classically, market research is split into qualitative and quantitative methods such as interviews, surveys and focus groups. Valuable information about consumer behavior, gaps in the market, competitor perception and the overall customer zeitgeist can be identified via primary research. By intelligently structuring questions formed from clearly defined goals, we are able to gain a detailed understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes in relation to your particular product or service.

From here, we analyze the data to make thoughtful recommendations based on reliable and accurate data from carefully targeted, relevant, audiences. This can be backed up with existing, secondary market research data, by analyzing trusted (and validated) data sources relating to the focus area.

We analyze the data, and optimize our findings into an easily digestible report. With all our utilized mediums provided, from audio recordings of interviews through to in depth survey analysis, our final report is designed to effectively display concise information is the most productive format. Dependent on scope, we can explore various outcomes based on our recommendations.

Other Thoughts.

For further reading, we'd recommend our insight on Black Box Thinking. By having carefully recorded data from start to finish, we can learn from our successes and failures equally, and ensure we have the information available to strengthen our projects continuously.

Adopt Black Box Thinking for your Business, using Open Loop Strategies
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