Buying Process.

Mäd can help you navigate difficult buying decisions.

Buying Process.

Whether you're buying new software that will take your business efficiency to the next level, or looking to pick the perfect vendor for that next project, Mäd can help you make the process far more structured and efficient, while ensuring you have an accountable paper-trial that clearly shows why key decisions were made and how the different choices were evaluated.

We've previously discussed the best way to structure an RFP (Request for Proposal), which is an excellent tool, when used correctly, to not only have a strong evaluation process, but to make the selling experience for vendors less frustrating as well.

However,  this actually goes deeper than that. We are not just talking about finding option or choosing between them, but actually evaluating the entire reason, the why a particular initiative is being done, and then how to do it in the most efficient possible way.

For instance, building the business case of whether something should be done in-house, with all the expense and overhead of building out a team for a particular initiative, or whether it should be outsourced to vendors is not easy. Sometimes there is a clear winner cost-wise, but what really needs to be done is a cost-benefit analysis, ensuring that all key strategic considerations are accounted for and weighed into the decision making process

At Mäd, we have a deep understanding of business across dozens of verticals and industries, having worked with everyone from large conglomerates, leading banks, and successful startups.  This often gives us a more powerful lens with which to view particularly difficult business choices, and lots of experience that we can leverage to ensure that the best choice is made.

A few examples of what we've done in this area:

  • Helped a bank with ~$7B in assets choose the platform for the digital banking initiative, helping to move over 350,000 to a new platform that will dictate their business direction for years to come.
  • Helping an existing food-delivery business move from call-center centric ordering to finding the best way to digitize the process, and which technology and vendors they should use for this journey.